Collection: Children wall art

Children wall art

Home to an eclectic range of posters, tapestries, banners and prints, our wall art edit gathers the best of the best novelty classics and iconic pieces. Want to add some simple colour to your child's room? Our collection of wall art is unmatched. You'll find everything from our favourite illustrators to decorative posters. Update your living space with our latest edit of wall art and canvases.

At Corner-frame you can find the ideal posters or canvases to decorate home corners for your little one with the style that fits your house. 

At Corner-frame, a passion for details and a deep understanding of the importance of style and design are intertwined in a varied collection of wall art available for your kids now. From prints that add a touch of style to the space to posters, canvases, wall decor and art work. Design to be framed in a unique way. 

Find them in different sizes to adapt them to any corner of your home and give them the importance they deserve, both aesthetically and emotionally, since they are more than just posters, they are windows to emotions and expressions, offering glimpses into the soul of the artist's vision that deserve to be seen over and over again. 

As you build and decorate your home, remember that you are also creating a space for your children's comfort. Begins to see posters as more than just decorative accessories. These objects are a means to preserve and celebrate what really matters in life: our happy moments.

Because at Corner-frame, we believe that every wall tells a story and with our enchanting wall art, your child's story is sure to be one worth cherishing.

Add posters and canvases to decorate your kid's room. Discover the ideal wall art to decorate and make a difference in your child's space.