Collection: Kids


Just the same as adults enjoy having a personal space decorated according to their tastes so they can feel themselves within their homes, young ones are no different in this case. As a tribute to childhood moments and the inner child we all possess, Corner-frame presents an extensive selection of furniture pieces, bed linen, various accessories, clothing, toys and much more so that little ones have fun when at home and feel a welcoming sensation.

Thanks to this selection, creating a special environment for little ones becomes an extremely simple task. However, before getting down to work it is fundamental to define a concept or a theme the room should follow to add coherence at the moment when decorative elements are incorporated and make sure that the child enjoys this space. However, the components placed within a child's room should not only adhere to their aesthetic role but also have a high degree of functionality that is up to all the child’s needs and helps us adults keep the space well organised.

By combining a high dose of practicality and an irresistible design, this selection offers a multitude of soft, warm, quality duvet covers with cheerful motifs and patterns of their favourite characters that will make them look forward to bedtime. In addition, accompanied by our fluffy and comfortable cushions, pillows and various forms of stuffed animals from the collection, they will feel so well-wrapped up that they will be able to rest deeply. To complete the collection, options of decorative elements including lamps, garlands, frames, handles, and rugs have been incorporated as well as toys, lighting, mealtime and bathroom accessories.