Collection: Bed Linen

Bed linen and textile accessories for the bedroom

One room within the home in which personal style should be channelled the most is the bedroom. But that's not the whole challenge: we must pour all our intention into creating a space that not only aligns with personal preferences but also transmits the confidence and tranquillity required for obtaining a rest of genuine quality. The bed is a priority element of the bedroom. In addition to a resistant structure, a mattress, and a headboard that suits our tastes, bed linen is vital and should fulfil a double function of adding to our rest while fitting in with the style pursued throughout this room.

The sheets, the duvet covers, and bedspread sets by Corner-frame are presented in quality materials and plain designs, in neutral and minimalist tones, as well as in bright colours and sophisticated print options that will dress up and add character to the room. To emphasize this space's cosy atmosphere, blankets are optimal as they provide warmth and add a note of colour that creates a cohesive aesthetic. The rugs within this selection also generate a decorative focus of attention and have a pleasant texture that envelops the feet when getting out of bed to start the day in the best possible way. In the same way, cushions have a similar role as an accessory with which the style of the room can be outlined and at the same time, increase our comfort. Curtains have enormous decorative power and a high capacity to mark the style of any room. For this reason, the collection has included options in different fabrics and styles so that you can opt for quality choices that are consistent with your bedroom’s personality.